Import OVF to VMware workstation

I recently have the needs to test some feature on the latest version of Cisco FMC and decided to install one on my VMware workstation. However when tried to import the OVF file, I ran into following issue:






I changed VirtualSCSI within OVF file under ResourceSubType to lsilogic. But that leaded to another issue: the SHA HASH not matching anymore when tried to import again… Luckily I found this post here.

I uploaded the ovf, vmdk and mf files coming from Cisco to my linux VM and run following: openssl sha1 *.vmdk *.ovf > *.mf

Then downloaded the only mf file back to my PC to overwrite the original one. Now the appliance is able to be imported to work in workstation 14.

P.S. Within VMware workstation, I also upgraded the VM compatibility setting and there does not seem break anything…

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