Wake on LAN to openSUSE file server

Some people are prefer to investigate couple hundreds for a proper NAS setup for filesharing/backup, but I am kind of Cheap on those investment… Stay in front computer for more than 12 hours/day, trying to get money on something else…

Anyway here are how I used my old desktop tower with openSUSE 12.1 as Fileserver with WakeOnLan (WOL).

First, get openSUSE 12.1(KDE) loaded. They have made the installation more like Windows now.

Second, install samba via Yast within openSUSE. My samba configure is actually pretty simple:


comment = Entertainment Directory

path = /enter

browseable = yes

writable = yes


comment = Information Directory

path = /info

browseable = yes

writable = no

Here is a pretty good tutorial on setting up samba.
Third, Insert “ethertool -s eth# wol g” into /etc/init.d/boot.local file.

1. change eth# to eth0, eth1 etc. according to your system.
2. /etc/init.d/boot.local is the file used to load the WOL configure to lag NIC under openSUSE, other distro may vary.

Fourth: Download WakeUp utility for your OS, which will be used to WakeUp the Linux server on LAN.
For Windows, I use WakeOnLanGui
For Mac, I use WakeOnLan

Fifth: write down the IP and MAC Address of the LAN NIC of the Linux server and then shutdown it down.

Sixth: Launch the WakeUp utility and enter the IP, MAC and Port number (Windows version only and I use port 7), click Wake. My machine takes about 20-30 sec to boot. So be patient.

Now, i do not have to run to basement to turn it on anymore 🙂


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