Trendmicro on Cisco 1921 Router

People in my office are leaning to conclusion that Cisco ISR 1921 is a piece of shit…

I would like to help correct that but it will never be easy. Spent almost a day trying to figure out why only hardcoded URLs are accessible and anything else is blocked on End-User computer. Called Cisco and lucky enough one of the CCIE helped me. The cause was a non-documented configuration item (at least I did not get anything by googling for help.)

Like the screenshot below:

All the Categories in screenshot expect Unblemished are computer evil categories and I bet most of people do not even know what does Unblemished mean. Even that CCIE had to search through Cisco documents (I guess those should be internal ones) to tell me that might be the cause. Removing the category from class-map or unchecking it from CCP indeed fixed issue. Fix itself is simple and easy but the way to get the fix is long and bumpy.


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