Filter search result to another file from Big Syslog File

Search “” inside syslog.txt file and then

•Redirect all the result to matches.csv file located under :\Users\demo\Downloads\ via VIM or VB Script
•Save into an Excel tab

Example with VIM in Both Linux and Windows:

1.Open syslog.txt with vim.
2.Run following command

:redir > c:\Users\demo\Downloads\matches.csv|execute ‘g/’|redir END

Example with excel and VB Script:

1.Open Excel
2.Developer Tab
3.Visual Basic
4.Insert module
5.Paste in the code below

Sub foo()
Open “c:\users\demo\syslog.txt” For Input As 1
Open “C:\users\demo\matches.csv” For Output As 2
Do While Not EOF(1)
Line Input #1, a$
If InStr(a$, “”) > 0 Then
Print #2, a$
End If
End Sub


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